Monday, May 24, 2010

In all my Lord's appointed ways

In all my Lord's appointed ways

Words: John Ryland (1753-1825)
Tune: Saint Frances (CM)

In all my Lord's appointed ways,
My journey I'll pursue;
Hinder me not, ye much-loved saints,
For I must go with you.

Through floods and flames, if Jesus lead,
I'll follow where He goes;
Hinder me not, shall be my cry,
Though earth and hell oppose.

Through duty, and through trials too,
I'll go at His command;
Hinder me not, for I am bound
To my Immanuel's land.

And when my Savior calls me home,
Still this my cry shall be,
Hinder me not, come, welcome death,
I'll gladly go with thee.


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Marvanne: A seven year old gospel singer

CLICK HERE to listen.

Listen and be blessed! Rhema Marvanne does Whitney Houston and the Georgia Choir.

God bless this little girl. Powerful. Beautiful praise.


Monday, May 03, 2010

The real Kentucky Derby!

Unbelievable, lol. Some drunks decide to race across a line of porta-potties on the infield of the Churchill Downs -- all while getting pelted with bottles and cans of beer, some full. Too stupid, gotta watch it -- and the porta potties that cave in just happen to be the ones in use, lol.

I guess a person should beware watching the horse races while drinking... one might begin to view a perfectly good line of porta johns like a wannabe race track! :-)

If this doesn't make your day, as in, things aren't as bad as they seem, why, try again! watch it again, lol.