Sunday, August 19, 2012

Murray: The necessity of waiting on God

The necessity of waiting on God

My soul waits only upon God; from Him comes my salvation. Ps. 62:1

If salvation indeed comes from God, and is entirely His work, it follows that our first and highest duty is to wait on Him to do the work that pleases Him. Waiting becomes then the only way to the experience of a full salvation, the only way to truly know God as the God of our salvation.

All the difficulties that would hold us back from full salvation have their cause in this one thing: the defective knowledge and practice of waiting upon God. All that the Church and its members need for the manifestation of the mighty power of God in the world, is the return to… the place of unceasing dependence upon God.

Let us strive to see what the elements are that make up this most blessed and needful waiting upon God: it may help us to discover the reasons why this grace is so little cultivated, and to feel how infinitely desirable it is that the Church, that we ourselves, should at any price learn its blessed secret.

The deep need for this waiting on God lies equally in the nature of man and the nature of God. God, as Creator, formed man to be a vessel in which He could show forth His power and goodness. Man was not to have in himself a fountain of life, or strength, or happiness: the ever-living and only living One was each moment to be… all that he needed. Man's glory and blessedness was not to be independent, or dependent upon himself, but dependent on a God of such infinite riches and love. Man was to have the joy of receiving every moment out of the fullness of God. This was his blessedness as an unfallen creature. When he fell from God, he was still more absolutely dependent on Him. There was not the slightest hope of his recovery out of his state of death, but in God, His power and mercy.

It is God alone who began the work of redemption; it is God alone who continues and carries it on each moment in each individual believer. Even in the regenerate man there is no power of goodness in himself: he has and can have nothing that he does not each moment receive; and waiting on God is just as indispensable, and must be just as continuous and unbroken, as the breathing that maintains his natural life.

It is, then, because Christians do not know their relation to God of absolute poverty and helplessness, that they have no sense of the need of absolute and unceasing dependence, or the unspeakable blessedness of continual waiting on God. But when once a believer begins to see it, and consent to it, that he by the Holy Spirit must each moment receive what God each moment works, waiting on God becomes his brightest hope and joy. As he apprehends how God, as God, as Infinite Love, delights to impart His own nature to His child as fully as He can, how God is not weary of each moment keeping charge of his life and strength, he wonders that he ever thought otherwise of God than as a God to be waited on all the day. God unceasingly giving and working; His child unceasingly waiting and receiving: this is the blessed life.

Truly my soul waits upon God; from Him comes my salvation.

May God teach us the blessedness of waiting on Him. My soul, wait thou only upon God!


A. Murray, Waiting on God.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A life-changing book


Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It

The CDC has now declared that pretty much everyone is fat.

And it has just gotten worse since the government introduced the official Food Pyramid guide for the general populace. Who could have seen that coming? The government gets involved in obesity and health care, and things get worse! Imagine that, lol.

Well, I used to follow the Food Pyramid, and wonder why I couldn't significantly lose weight, even with good exercise. Now I know.

And I'll never need to wonder again. And, another lesson on government meaning well, but hurting the people it supposedly wants to help... Edit: A reader has pointed out that the science community led the way on American conventional food wisdom, with the government only following the scientific community down the wrong road. Good point.

If anyone wants to get healthy and lose weight in a good way -- actually, gain a lifestyle that is healthy -- here's a clue. Sharing the wealth!


p.s. Tip of the cap to Instapundit.

UPDATE: A reader from Instapundit comments:

Instapundit is a regular spot I check most days, and I noted your frequent references to Gary Taubes’ books and decided to put his advice to the test. I cut to drinking only tea, coffee, and (lots and lots of) water while eating very low carbs and sugar over the summer starting in early July. Less than two months later, I have lost over 25 pounds, my BMI has gone from high 27 down to 23ish. I just did my health screening at work, and while we were sitting and waiting for blood results to come back, the screener asked some questions and found out about the diet change. She told me my cholesterol would probably be elevated. I smiled and said, “I guess we’ll see.” It came back a healthy 154. Imagine that. You mean this stuff works?

The diet change and weight loss have actually aided me in waking up better and earlier, as well. I work 60-80+ hours a week as a music teacher, so this has had a huge impact. I’ve been able eat breakfast, study/memorize scripture, pray, organize, and get some much-needed composure before facing the horde of delightful (but sometimes trying) young musicians I interact with every day. I have more energy when I interact with my wife and three young children. Life is still hard: long work days, being patient with students, finding time with my family, etc. But what a help this lifestyle change has been.

So thank you for sharing the information. I had heard/read some of the info before, but it was often distorted, incomplete, and/or confusing. For some reason, catching it on your blog was the tipping point where I looked into it and gave it an honest go.

p.s.s. A helpful link and short video: 5 Foods to NEVER Eat.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Faith as the awareness and acceptance of God

Faith: A gift from God that makes us aware of Him and responsive to His will

Faith is an immediate awareness of God’s reality, and our wholehearted ‘Yes!’ to God himself, who confronts us in the moment of revelation and is as certain as the being of a lover to his beloved. 

-- John Knox, Christ and the Hope of Glory