Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving confession

I saw this picture of Thanksgiving revisited, and just had to juxtapose it with the original. It's very convicting... perhaps it reveals some underlying reasons why America has gone down suicidal paths in national practices and politics.

When I shared this picture with friends, it surprised me to hear many of them laugh and equate this with people who like football. Yes, the subjects in the second picture are watching football, but that isn't the meaning of it, in my opinion. The real significance is much larger -- and no! I don't think that we should return to the trappings of that first Thanksgiving, before anyone takes such a foolish notion, lol. I just think the picture is convicting, fairly indicative of America's heart -- we've lost our absolute sense of dependence on God and what lived thanksgiving means; and, we are now caught in the life expectation of self-expression and creature-comfort, living out our lives in excess, essentially unhinged from dependence on God. We are not so much interested in seeking divine will as we are interested in the next corpulent meal and winning team -- or latest favorite show or program.

Does this mean I will not eat turkey and watch football on Thanksgiving? Not necessarily. But it does mean that I will try to match that commitment to the food and football with a passion for seeking divine will that day, and giving utter thanks -- with more than words.