Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Kierkegaard: You have loved us first!

A Thanksgiving prayer that goes to the heart of it all -- from Soren Kierkegaard:


Great Companion, You have loved us first.
May we never forget that You are love,
So that this sure conviction might triumph in our hearts
Over the whirling of the world,
Over the inquietude of the soul,
Over the anxiety for the future,
Over the fright of the past,
Over the distress of the moment.
May this conviction discipline our soul
So that our hearts might remain faithful and sincere
In the love which we bear to all those we love as ourselves.


Teach us to remember this, O Lord. In our world, with our anxieties, frights and distresses. Teach us to embrace the discipline of soul, the humility and courage that comes from confessing your first Love...to all those we love!

Thank you, O God for all we are and have: To You we owe it all. You have loved us first...


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