Thursday, December 23, 2004

Loy's Noel

The crunch of snow under foot,
The cold creak of the wooden steps:
Iron handrails cleaned of ice,
And steps of snow: dad with traverse slow.
Blue glow of streetlight on new white snow --
Softly falling snow in streetlight glow…
Snowballs of joy: ‘Stop that, Loy!’

The scent of spruce and pine
Green tree trimmed and topped with star:
White candle in the window,
And wreath on porch: mom with planned art --
Destined decoration, Christmas call to heart --
A holy tradition for family set apart…
A call to help: ‘Come on, Loy!’

A book of Tolkien by the tree,
And Lewis, Grey, L’Amour:
Smell of cookies in the kitchen,
Tangerines and eggnog: sister’s confection,
Stereo tuned for Bethlehem reflection --
Undisputed Eve of holy affection…
Magical radiance: “Merry Christmas, Loy!”

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