Friday, January 14, 2005

Tsunami ghosts

Thai tsunami trauma sparks rash of foreign ghost sightings
Thu Jan 13,11:01 PM ET

PATONG, Thailand (AFP) - A second surge of tsunami terror is hitting southern Thailand, but this time it is a wave of foreign ghosts terrifying locals in what health experts described as an outpouring of delayed mass trauma.

Tales of ghost sightings in the six worst hit southern provinces have become endemic, with many locals saying they are too terrified to venture near the beach or into the ocean.

Spooked volunteer body searchers on the resort areas of Phi Phi island and Khao Lak are reported to have looked for tourists heard laughing and singing on the beach only to find darkness and empty sand.

Taxi drivers in Patong swear they have picked up a foreign man and his Thai girlfriend going to the airport with all their baggage, only to then look in the rear-view mirror and find an empty seat.

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'Mental health experts' are dismissing these sightings as a function of post-traumatic stress. And there is probably something to that diagnosis. But I wonder if there is also something else going on?

This raises age-old questions of how the human spirit affects the space/time continuum. Is there some imprimature that the anguished human spirit makes on space time, by virtue of its high creation? Or is a link between dimensions still somewhat possible?

It is something worth pondering. After all, it's been almost a hundred-fifty years since the Civil War, and tourists sometimes still see Gettysburg ghosts...

Perhaps I should undertake a theological/metaphysical assessment of this?




Christopher said...

I've always been fascinated by ghosts and the supernatural -- there's a lot of unexplained phenomena of this nature that simply eludes scientific explanation. I'd be interested in learning how the Christian tradition deals with such reports.

Loy Mershimer said...

You are right, Christopher -- this is an interesting area of research. Great subject for a paper, lol. My problem is that the next couple weeks are going to be out for me, timewise.

If you have any thoughts or links [Christian] on the subject, I'd be interested...