Friday, February 25, 2005

Go forward, Christian soldier

Words: Lawrence Tuttiett, 1861
Tune: Lancashire

Go forward, Christian soldier,
beneath His banner true:
the Lord himself, thy Leader,
shall all thy foes subdue.
His love fortells thy trials;
He knows thine hourly need;
He can with bread of heaven
thy fainting spirit feed.

Go forward, Christian soldier,
fear not the secret foe;
far more o'er thee are watching
than human eyes can know:
trust only Christ, thy Captain;
cease not to watch and pray;
heed not the treacherous voices
that lure thy soul astray.

Go forward, Christian soldier,
nor dream of peaceful rest,
till Satan's host is vanquished
and heaven is all possessed;
till Christ himself shall call thee
to lay thine armor by,
and wear in endless glory
the crown of victory.

Go forward, Christian soldier,
fear not the gathering night:
the Lord has been thy shelter;
the Lord will be thy light.
When morn His face revealeth
thy dangers all are past:
O pray that faith and virtue
may keep thee to the last!

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