Saturday, July 09, 2005

Blogging the Pennsylvania hills

Today I took my mother for a drive through Amish farms. We stopped at a dry goods store, taking care not to park the truck on the buggy section! :-) I got some great deals on dried vegetables and shelled walnuts, hazelnuts and other nuts...literally half the price of what I pay in Chicago for the same items.

We then stopped at a farm where a fresh produce sign hung at the end of a gravel lane. We drove back the lane along well-tended fields, and pulled up to a building with fresh produce...tended by a kind-countenanced woman with several fair-haired children 'helping' her. A black dog moved out of the way so I could park, and I stepped out and whistled softly, it came over and I petted it...made a new friend instantly! Then I bought several containers of fresh tomotoes and cucumbers, enough to do us for the week. Mom and I talked to the lady behind the counter, while the children smiled shyly and listened. She told us where to find fresh corn, newly harvested that day, and we continued on the way. I placed the produce in the bed of my truck, helped Mom in and then pulled out. The young girls ran out and smiled, waving goodbye, with their little brother, too young to talk, waving furiously too...skinned nose and all, just beaming.

A pastoral scene, something right about it. Mom remarked of the wholeness, and I mentioned something to her of the philosophy of C. S. Lewis, who once said that people need to be on the land, caring for it, and feeding from it. He said that dysfunction increases the further one gets from the land. I also observed that the Amish way of life is an attempt to conquer the chaotic force that pervades our world, the 'principalities and powers' of demonic monster Rahav that ever and always opposes Creation order. Mom agreed, and then her eyes glazed over a bit from the *heavy* concepts. It was a good moment, though, in spite of my philosophizing. :-) [And the tomotoes are GREAT!]

Just a great moment, being with her and seeing a 'sanctuary place' from the storms of life, seeing what can be when one creates safe haven for a family or group of children...

Anyway, have to cut this short because I'm speaking tomorrow at the hometown PA church...and then driving to WV for a youth camp. For all those who believe in prayer, I would deeply appreciate your prayers for physical and spiritual strength and wholeness, purity for the days ahead.

I'll try to blog some photos from WV camp area, but until then, good nite and God bless!


Patrick O'Hannigan said...

I'm late to this post, as it's eleven days since you asked for prayers, but be assured of mine.

Loy Mershimer said...

Thanks so much, Patrick! I value such prayers more than anything else...

And need them!