Monday, August 08, 2005

Kierkegaard: Give us the strength


Lord our God, Thou knowest our sorrow better than we know it ourselves. Thou knowest how easily our fearful soul entangles itself with untimely and self-made cares. We pray Thee: Let us discern their inappropriateness and scorn them proudly, these busy self-made cares. But whatever Thou dost place on us, let us receive it from Thy hand with humility and give us the strength to bear it.


O my God, how often have I not rejoiced, given thanks, been unspeakably grateful in discovering how wondrously events have been ordered…that I would do something and only later I would fully understand that the course of events was significant and just. But at times I also have had to say with overflowing joy: “My God, Thy wisdom disposes – in making use of my stupidity.” I do not fail to act with considered judgment, but I still do some stupid or imprudent things, and I am at the point of losing courage, thinking that now even everything is lost, and then afterward I understand that exactly this stupidity Thou hast turned into infinite wisdom. Infinite love!


Whither should we turn, if not to Thee, Lord Jesus Christ? Where might the sufferer find consolation if not in Thee? Ah, and where the penitent, if not with Thee, Lord Jesus Christ?

Ah, Lord Jesus Christ, we turn to Thee! Grant us Thy consolation and healing balm. Grant us Thyself for our prize and reward -- forgiveness and restoration in Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ!

Alleluia! For Thy good purposes, strong Son of God, we praise Thee!



Cf. Perry D. LeFevre, The Prayers of Kierkegaard, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1963.

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