Wednesday, March 29, 2006

As sunrise to the day

As water to the thirsty

Words: Timothy Dudley-Smith
Tune: Oasis

As water to the thirsty,
As beauty to the eyes,
As strength that follows weakness,
As truth instead of lies,
As songtime and springtime,
And summertime to be,
So is my Lord,
My Living Lord,
So is my Lord to me.

Like calm in place of clamor,
Like peace that follows pain,
Like meeting after parting,
Like sunshine after rain,
Like moonlight and starlight,
And sunlight on the sea,
So is my Lord,
My living Lord,
So is my Lord to me.

As sleep that follows fever,
As gold instead of grey,
As freedom after bondage,
As sunrise to the day,
As home to the traveler,
And all we long to see,
So is my Lord,
My living Lord,
So is my Lord to me!


PeacefulLady said...

Do you know of any place online that I could listen to this song?

Loy Mershimer said...

Hi Peaceful Lady,

Perhaps the place you'll get the best sound of what the song is from a CD by David Haas. To listen to a nice excerpt, go here and click on "listen" and you can listen to that song, and the whole CD. Just let some of these songs wash over you...very enjoyable.

Also, from the same CD, another different part of the song is here.

There is a MIDI at Oremus Hymnal, but this is a pretty bad organ selection of it. I wouldn't recommend this one, lol. Might ruin the song for you! :-)

Does this help?