Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hezbollah plots its own children in tragedy

Article 28, 4th Geneva Convention:
the deliberate placing of military targets in the heart of civilian areas is a serious violation of humanitarian law.

Terrorism as an inversion of moral judgment

Which world media brokers agree with and abet

The tragedy of the deaths of children and adult civilians should not obscure that every day the Hezbollah terrorists send barrages of rockets into Israel, each one of which is intended to kill civilians and in far greater numbers than died in Qana. The incompetence of Hezbollah's munition makers is somehow obscuring the scale of its terrorism. If the 9/11 attacks had only killed 300, would the U.S. not have invaded Afghanistan and later Iraq? Hezbollah has tried for three weeks to inflict a 9/11 on Israel, but Israel is being damned because its defensive measures have led to civilians held hostage by terrorists. This is an insane inversion of the laws of war and customary international law as well as of common sense. Hezbollah began this war and is responsible for the deaths of everyone on both sides of the Israel-Lebanon border.

Each day of the war Israel struggles to minimize harm to civilians. Each day Hezbollah tries to kill them and uses Lebanese civilians as hostages.

Yet Hezbollah's tactics are condemned in passing by Kofi Annan, and only Israel's mistakes summon the Security Council to its labors, which is why Kofi Annan is a joke, a cartoon of an international leader. Annan and the UN are legitimizing a terrorist organization and its tactics. They are demanding, in essence, that Israel accept a defeat.

While the world should be horrified that this war has claimed many more innocents, its diplomats and representatives ought to have been denouncing in a single voice the invasion of Israeli territory by Hezbollah and the murder and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers and the use of terror tactics against civilian populations as well as the use of civilian populations by Hezbollah as shields

The West must not acquiesce in the elevation of Hezbollah to the status of state actor, in the non-condemnation of its tactics, or in anything remotely like a return to the status quo which would allow Hezbollah to resupply and deepen its hold on south Lebanon.

Hugh Hewitt, writing on the seductive way in which the latest civilian deaths are plotted by Hezbollah and media alike.

One of the most immoral things that I've witnessed in my life is the way that Hezbollah has been spun by the U.N. and by the dominant world media. Hezbollah, which targets civilians intentionally as its stated aim, is given a pat on the head by Kofi Annan and the U.N., CNN and New York Times and the others. Meanwhile, Israel, which tries its best not to target women or children, is vocally excoriated when it chases terrorists to their lair. These so called "tough" terrorists hide behind their women and children, causing their demise, and the world mouthpieces squeak in utter horror -- not at the evil men who put those women and children in the line of fire, no! but at Israel, the country surrounded by terror, only trying to defend itself.

If I didn't believe in the war between good and evil before, if I didn't believe in anti-Semitism before, seeing this latest media-driven sabatoge of Israel, seeing major players overturn all strictures of moral judgment, inverting it utterly in defense and promotion of terror...if I didn't believe before, I would now.

In their dripping hatred of Israel, they've embraced evil and called it good. But let those with eyes to see, and ears to hear, speak...

And may the Islamic children who pay the price for their parents' terror, may they receive mercy from the true Abba...

Addendum: Via Powerline, the blog Vital Perspective has video of these Hezbollah killers firing missiles from Qana. [Video link post here, showing these terrorists firing rockets from behind a three-story building which looks much like the same building flattened.] Vital Perspective aptly notes Article 28 of the 4th Geneva Convention:

The presence of a protected person may not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations.

Vital Perspective comments:

Clearly, the deliberate placing of military targets in the heart of civilian areas is a serious violation of humanitarian law, and those who chose to locate such targets in these areas must bear responsibility for the injury to civilians which this decision engenders.

The Geneva convention is clear as to whom is responsible for these deaths. Abundantly clear. And yet the U.N. and media types scream hatred at Israel, de facto casting their lot with terror, enabling its aims.

Aside: Note the fatal symmetry in Islamic terror choosing Jewish women and children as its target in Seattle, Jewish women and children as its target in Israel, and Islamic women and children as its shield in Lebanon. Is it accidental that Islamic "heroes" intentionally kill women and children, and then hide behind their own women's skirts while knowing all along it could mean the destruction of their own children? And is it accidental that world Muslims refuse to disavow such despicable actions?

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