Saturday, November 18, 2006

A painted November sky

I just love the cloud shows at the end of rainy days! It's worth the effort to wait the rain, and see the sun break through on the other end, in rainbows or painted clouds. Here, after an overcast, wet day -- a pastel palette of glory! :-)

Here I am reminded of the JMT song, "Empty Canvas," where a canvas waits in the gallery of the Master Painter, destined to be hung there, completed, a work of art!

Jesus is the Master painter,
and the Holy Spirit is the Master’s brush…
to be dipped in the colors that portray the Father’s love,
that the canvas of our life might know the Master's touch...
to portray the beauty of the Master's brush!

And the song ends with this phrase,

So an empty canvas waits before the Painter
an empty canvas destined to be hung
within the gallery once it has been created
will the canvas bear the beauty of the Son!

Speaking from the framework of the canvas, as a human desiring to be His handiwork, sometimes the entire struggle is just to remain "empty canvas" before the Painter, during the long, dreary days! Surely the rain can work no good! And the painted sky cannot be seen through the storm! So we, as willed canvas, doubt the Master's touch... can it be, this day, for good, for beauty?

But there, at end of day, is His promise writ large for the morn -- "Son, daughter, joy comes in the morning!" Alleluia!


Anonymous said...

Your photography is beautiful. The way you capture the light is just breathtaking. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

Loy Mershimer said...

Thank you! Very encouraging words, and kind. I'm still an amateur in digital photography -- still learning its intricacies, and yet I believe that the power of a photo is not in the technology, but in the heart. So your words are meaningful!

Many people go throughout the day never realizing the vast beauty all around them...and if I can capture pieces of that real-time beauty in the midst of storms and clouds and all kinds of stuff, perhaps it can offer hope and light to their darker days...

And thanks especially for your words about capturing light, as that is what compels my eye so often! I struggle to capture it as I see it, and only a few pics make that grade! Even tonight, there was a pink sunset behind gorgeous pines, with geese flying overhead...and I didn't quite get it right! :-) So the compliment is timely -- keep reading and commenting!