Friday, August 22, 2008

A song like the sound of the sea

A song like the sound of the sea

There is a song like the sound of the sea
The thrilling waves rush over me
And draw me back again to see


The blue of the sky and the new born sea

Sing first creation day to me

And cause my deepest heart to see


The sand and shell and the foaming sea

Sing hope and life and joy to me --

They bless my eyes again to see

True beauty!

The pull of the tide and the roar of the sea

Sweep peace and calling over me:

In sense and sound and heart I see




Roger said...

Great poem.

diamond said...

Hey Loy, good to hear you're still alive and well. Whenyou get a chance, check out my blog. I check yours once a week.
KC Newcome

Loy said...

KC! Great to hear from you! I like your blog too -- love the Montana picture!

And Rog -- thanks for your poem appreciation... means a lot! I replied earlier but blogger messes up sometimes.