Monday, September 01, 2008

A theology of blessed work

All labor gained new dignity

Words: John Oxenham, 1920
Tune: Labor

All labor gained new dignity
since He who all creation made
toiled with His hands for daily bread
right manfully.

No work is commonplace, if all
be done as unto Him alone;
life's simplest toil to Him is known
who knoweth all.

Each smallest common thing He makes
serves Him with its minutest part;
man only with his wand'ring heart
His way forsakes.

His service is life's highest joy,
it yields fair fruit a hundred fold:
be this our prayer--"Not fame, nor gold,
but--thine employ!"


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Roger said...

Thanks for turning me on to yet another great poet. I've re-posted it and linked to your blog. This one reminds us of the dignity of humility and the blessedness of ordinary tasks.