Monday, November 03, 2008

Election wisdom from the Paragraph Farmer

Patrick O'Hannigan over at the Paragraph Farmer has some apt election thoughts up. Patrick, a.k.a Mr. Paragraph Farmer, has lots of real wisdom; if you are trying to decide for whom to vote, surf on over and read his thoughts: apt, timely, wise!

Here's a snippet:

Election Day still means something to me, because I did not request an absentee ballot this year, and I'm not one of the people who already voted.

I know the adage about voting "early and often." It's in the very air, because the minions of one major party have taken that to heart, starting with fraudulent voter registration, proceeding through wilful failure to verify the legitimacy of donors, and ending, inevitably, with accusations that the people who cry foul at transparent attempts to subvert our republic are trying to "suppress the vote."

In this election, as in every other I've been old enough to vote in, party apparatchiks applaud "motor voter" initiatives, cry crocodile tears at the plight of the downtrodden, and offer sound-bite outrage at the tone of campaigns. What's new in the dog's breakfast this year is the widespread failure of journalists in big media to investigate their favorite ticket at anything deeper than a "Morning Show" level. Accordingly, only a stone would be unsympathetic to frustration with our two-party system.

A few cycles ago, I did actually vote for a third-party candidate (it was the Constitution Party, thank you very much), but I won't be doing that this year, because I am skeptical of the coalition-building so often proposed as an alternative to "Donkelphant" dominance. If parliamentary forms of government were all they're cracked up to be, then European countries wouldn't have to change governments as frequently as they do.

So much for prelude. The question now is whom to vote for. May I suggest that voting criteria this time around can be reduced to three things?

My list includes abortion, economics, and foreign policy, in that order.

Indeed. Read it all. Good thoughts, Patrick -- faithful and responsible! God bless you.

And God bless America, tonight and always!

Friends and readers, go vote! And God grant us mercy and forgiveness: grace and sustenance...


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