Monday, May 25, 2009

A Memorial Day tribute

Cross the Green Mountain

God bless all of you this Memorial Day.

May it be more than cookouts and games... may it be an actual life check, a new commitment to live along the sacrificial lines, only through which our great land will find a new birth in freedom.

Last night I watched a Memorial Day special at the mall in Washington, D.C. There, as they played the songs of the service men and women, they played the Navy song and a young man with a burned and reconstructed face stood to attention -- all his being giving witness to the sacrifice he had made in a cause far greater than himself. I snapped to attention: salute, sir!

This is the honor of which Joshua Chamberlain spoke and witnessed -- the honor that I just shared in conversation with my cousin Eric, a Memorial Day witness to honor and sacrifice and country.

Here's a song of tribute. May it touch your heart to new dedication. Thank you: thank you veterans, thank you men and women of our armed forces, thank you to all who dare to live truly in a false age.

Happy Memorial Day!


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