Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lived truth: Walking up the stairway of life

A divine comfort through human obedience

The only comfort the heart can take cannot come from itself, but the comfort must come through itself.

A higher region: What is mine to do

To her surprise she found also that since her father’s death, many of her doubts had vanished. She had been lifted into a region higher than those questions which had so disturbed her peace. From a point of vision she saw things so differently that the questions she had were no longer relevant. The truth was being lived out in her that the business of life is to live, not to answer every objection the mind can raise to things spiritual. She had done that which was given her to do; therefore she progressed up the stairway of life. It is no matter that a man or woman be unable to explain or understand this or that. It does not matter as long as when they see a truth they do it; to see and not do would at once place them in eternal danger. There is in the man or woman who does the truth, the radiance of life essential – a glory infinitely beyond any that can belong to the intellect.


George MacDonald, “Empty Houses,” The Lady’s Confession.

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