Saturday, September 12, 2009

Health care humor with a point

Here's a comic by Michael Ramirez... sometimes we have to turn to humor, when the reality is so bleak that it's heartrending. Is it altruism driving this unrestrained, forced assault on American economic lifeblood? A breathtaking blitzkrieg on working people and productive citizens that is completely partisan in nature... is it altruism that drives this? And will it really fix our flawed system -- an imperfect system that is still without peer among the socialistic alternatives in Europe and Canada, whose rich flee their systems and come here when desiring the best treatment?

Those who think this is good for the American people must not be able to see that deficit spending is now in a death spiral... I ask these fellow Americans to please take a serious look at where the money is going, how it is being managed, its long term implications, etc. These multi-trillion dollar deficit numbers are beyond belief: to what end?

Responsible supporters of health care reform would never manage their personal finances this way, because they understand consequences. But when this administration does this purposefully, for expressed social engineering ends, it's somehow good?

These actions are good for America like Arafat was good for Palestinians: turning himself into nearly a billionaire and making cronies rich, while reducing his people to squalor.

Think about it.

Sometimes you have to laugh, or you'll cry!

God bless you today, and help you. Please be prayerful, even if you've not been that way before.



George Hosier said...

Go here, for my thoughts on this subject:

George Hosier said...

Ok, that didn't work. Try going here: Then click on the Green button in the upper right hand corner labeled, "Chinook! A feature by George M. Hosier II". Then when the Chinook page opens click on the "read full story" link under the article entitled "An annoying neighbor and his ‘Unalienable Rights'"

Loy Mershimer said...

Awesome, George.

Just read it all... and I'd never head-butt you! :-)

Excellent. Most excellent.

And a treasure trove of other articles there too!

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Loy Mershimer said...

Try this link to the article: Unalienable Rights vs. Obamacare

I think it works. Great article, btw.