Sunday, November 08, 2009

Thanksgiving prelude

Enjoy, friends! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Loy, this is Lois Myers, Joy Morley's daughter. I met you in 2008 when I visited Joy. I'm enjoying reading your blog and seeing the photos, both just beautiful! I have the George Winston Thanksgiving album and it is wonderful music. I saw him in concert when I lived in Montana and have enjoyed his music for many years. Hope all is well with your ministry at OPC. God bless you, Lois Myers

Loy said...

Hi Lois! Thank you so much for your shout out... I often have no clue as to who reads my blog, or the effect it has, so it is so nice to hear that you are enjoying it.

Some really neat things are happening here at OPC, and Joy is always a joy! She has such a sweet spirit, she is an overcomer... I just love her. You picked a good mom! :-)

Seriously, thank you for the blessings, Lois, and to you, too. Have a wonderful and blessed night!