Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti: Money is worth nothing now; water is the currency

Sobering words from those trying to help:

One foreign aid worker told Reuters,

"Money is worth nothing right now; water is the currency."

HS1 Larry Berman, U.S. Coast Guard corpsman sums up the desperate situation:

"As a corpsman, I am trained to stabilize people until they can get to the next highest level of care. I have never had to be the highest level of care someone was likely to see."

Once again the best nation on the earth is called upon to be the point of highest help to a devastated nation. Let's all be a part: give, according to your means, along trusted channels. Most churches are setting up lines of giving; also good organizations are there, where giving can be trusted.

Here again we see the greatness of the U.S. Military and the heart of faithful American people.

Even in a down economy and very shaky political context, with so much under attack here at home, let's still give as unto the Lord: the cup of cold water is needed.


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