Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The smallest snake in the world

Anyone know what kind of snake this is? It's the smallest snake I've seen -- those straw-colored things are pieces of grass, the rocks are small pieces of gravel, not bigger than a quarter. This is the skinniest, most fragile snake ever -- anyone know what kind it is? Calling all herpetologists!

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Reg said...

The snake MAY be the FlowerPot Blindsnake, ramphotyphlops braminus

The source of this conjecture is the comment at this link:

which addresses two OTHER comments by Floridians on what they THOUGHT were sightings of the Barbados Threadsnake that was referred to in the Popular Science article to which the linked comment refers.

This excerpt contains the link's relevant details:

The Barbados Threadsnake only occurs on Barbados. What people in Florida and other places (Hawaii, other islands in the Pacific, California, Texas, South America, Africa, etc.) are seeing is a common introduced species, the FlowerPot Blindsnake, ramphotyphlops braminus. [..] It was introduced probably from Indonesia. It is BLACK and very thin. The hatchlings and young can fit on a coin [..]