Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A meditation pic for today

Look at this picture for a moment. Then bow your head and listen...

Jesus is simply the most winsome and loving person to walk this planet. He is true, in the highest sense of true. The children and outcasts love him, and find fulfillment in his presence -- indeed, they find themselves, their true selves, that is, in Light. No condemnatory words or attitudes, not even harsh facial expressions. Just Joy. Joy and laughter, trueness, wholeness and light -- abundant life.

Now, consider what religious people have made of Jesus. How harsh their spirit and controlling their actions! Is it any wonder that the religious people were most uncomfortable with Jesus?

All we have to do to love his Presence is to come as a child, or come in acceptance of brokenness. Then we will run and dance with him, sunlight on our face and grass beneath our feet: joy as if on the first Day, seeing flowers as if for the first time -- we belong!


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