Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A prayer for Japan: death toll tops 25,000

Earth, water, fire, and ice -- earthquake, tsunami, radiation and now snow. Please, please pray for Japan. And for the American government and people, that we might show some real leadership [we have a real leadership lack, right now... an indifference and almost antipathy for allies of America] and step up for this wonderful country. The death toll is now over 25,000 people, as another village has been discovered w. 10,000 missing -- where one thing left standing, in all the rubble, is a replica Statue of Liberty. One official is quoted as saying that the full death toll is probably closer to 100,000 than 10,000. God bless Japan.

The real effort of help probably will come from individuals like you and me. Let's do what we can. Support first through your local church network, and then through TRUSTED organizations.

Thank you!
p.s. the picture comes from Daily Mail. They've been carrying some of the best photographic coverage of the disaster. Hat tip Power Line.


Roger said...

Devastation in every picture. Thanks for the reminder. Check out the poem from my blog written last night after the nightly news. Hope to see you again soon. Blessings.

Loy said...

Thanks, Rog. Will check out the poem -- appreciate your poetry, btw. Thanks so much for sharing "The Wild Goose" -- powerful! And blessings to you, to... a most excellent time when you and the family were down here!