Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Human slavery higher today than ever before

Buying and selling people into forced labor and sex trade is higher than ever. Why then are people apparently unconcerned? Americans today often hear about the sins of slavery, usually for the goal of political power -- but these same persons are silent about the much worse level of slavery TODAY. There are now twice as many humans enslaved now than at the peak during the whole 350 years of the transatlantic slave. But no outrage among the leading politicians of our country! Interesting. Maybe they aren't concerned about slavery at all, but about political power and monetary gain?

Link: Slavery's Global Comeback.


Anonymous said...

Soldier suicides outnumber combat deaths for 2012- was a headline today. I pray today for our troops, these slaves, and rotten, miscalculated statistics.

Loy said...

Thanks for the comment. And would you mind posting a link for the suicides among soldiers? Thanks so much!

Anonymous said... Bill Briggs author. No need for thanks, just a request to join our mouse(s) in prayer.