Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Sinner is a Sacred Thing

A Sinner is a Sacred Thing

– Joseph Hart 

(Tune: #183 — Faith of Our Fathers — 88.88.88) 

1. When Adam by transgression fell, and conscious, fled his Maker’s face,
Linked in clandestine league with hell, He ruined all his future race.
The seeds of evil once brought in, increased and filled the world with sin.

2. But lo! The Second Adam came, the serpent’s subtle head to bruise;
 He cancels his malicious claim, and disappoints his devilish views;
Ransoms poor sinners with His blood, and brings the sinner back to God.

3. To understand these things aright, this grand distinction should be known:
Though all are sinners in God’s sight, there are but few so in their own.
To such as these our Lord was sent; they’re only sinners who repent.

4. What comfort can a Savior bring to those who never felt their woe? 
 A sinner is a sacred thing; the Holy Ghost hath made him so. 
New life from Him we must receive, before for sin we rightly grieve.

5. This faithful saying let us own, well worthy ‘tis to be believed, 
That Christ into the world came down, that sinners might by Him be saved. 
Sinners are high in His esteem, and sinners highly value Him.


Verse 4 in this song is beyond profound: If a person sees his or her sin as sin, and repents of it, he or she does so only in the power of God, regenerated in spirit by the Holy Spirit.

This is speaking in spiritual actuality, of course. There are many who might say that they are degenerate or sinful, and then embrace that sin wholeheartedly, without repentance. Such a person does not really see himself as a sinner. That person is still celebrating her or her own self as desirable and worthy.

A sinner is a sacred thing, because only by the power of the Spirit and Word does a person truly accept the category. And Christ died for such persons, and they in turn learn to highly value Him, more than sin.


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