Friday, July 31, 2015

Missionary serendipity: "A little country overrun by the English!"

Reading the life of James O. Fraser, missionary to the Lisu people in the early part of the 20th century, and this vignette caused a smile -- serendipitous sovereignty and divine humor!

One day Dan was escorting Anna when a young Chinese officer arrogantly accosted them. Were they English?

“I’m from Denmark,” Anna replied. “Where’s that?” “It’s a little country over-run by the Nazis.” “And you?” turning to Dan, “where are you from?” “My family came from Scotland,” said Dan. “Where’s that?” “It’s a little country over-run by the English.”

“So! We are all oppressed peoples,” the man said. “Come and eat with me.”

Big smile.

Amazing to trace the hand of God in little things, including humorous (and often unnoticed) twists and turns!


Note: As told by Eileen Crossman, daughter of James and Roxie Fraser, in the book Mountain Rain.

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