Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Faith like (fewer) potatoes

I've heard some food researchers call potatoes a bad food, but this is fairly significant evidence against weekly consumption:

A new study suggests that the more potatoes in a woman’s typical diet, the more likely she is to develop gestational diabetes, a serious complication of pregnancy.

In a 10-year study, researchers found 854 cases of gestational diabetes in 21,693 pregnancies among women participating in a larger health study. The women completed food questionnaires every four years, which gave the researchers a picture of their long-term habitual diet.

After adjusting for other diet and health characteristics, they found that compared with those who ate no potatoes, women who ate one serving a week had a 20 percent increased risk, two to four servings a 27 percent increased risk and five or more servings a 50 percent increased risk of developing gestational diabetes.

Link here: Potatoes and Pregnancy.

Blessings on your health journey!

Note: This should probably be filed under #FirstWorldProblems.

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