Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Extra-dimensionality and answers to prayer

Often we find it hard to pray simply because we find it hard to believe.

Prayer usually involves something impossible in human terms. And if it is impossible in human terms, it takes an utter act of faith to believe it is possible for God. This is a huge step that many of us can live without -- rather than try to count on.

Perhaps it will help our faith grow if we can see God in His proper place, instead of viewing Him from limited, human dimensions.

We live our lives 'trapped' in four dimensions: length, width, height, and time. And, really, it is only 3.5 dimensions, since we only move one way in the time dimension. We are creatures of 3.5 dimensions, and all this means for time and possibility.But what about God?

Hugh Ross says this:

Recent advances in science now point to the existence of the extra dimensions that are demonstrated in the Bible. To solve the equations related to [the origin of the universe], using the current "best" models, requires the existence of 10 dimensions. There are also indications of extra dimensions in the theory of relativity, cosmic string theory, and other areas of theoretical physics.

Given that God exists in at least seven more dimensions than we do [the 10 of current theoretical physics plus at least one more since He must be outside of those] He can interact with the four dimensions of our universe in ways that we cannot visualize.

Think of it this way: God birthed all creative dimensions, and as such a Creator, owns and inheres the whole -- at will. God is not trapped in time any more than we are trapped in a piece of paper [from a two dimensional, paper-point-of-view]. What would be utterly impossible for two-dimensional paper-people is completely possible for us, without a single law of physics being broken. And that is just adding one dimension!

Now, add the seven additional creative dimensions to God...and you are still barely scratching the surface of God's possibility. Because God owns the whole universe, and created all dimensions, known and unknown, theorized and un-theorized.

There is a line in Scripture that refers to creation as 'but the outer fringe of God's works.' Imagine that! This grand cosmos, which commands our awe and wonder, is just the 'outer fringe' of the works of God -- a God unlimited and unhindered by our few dimensions.

It is no wonder that another Scripture says, 'Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into human thoughts, the wonders God has prepared for those who love Him!'

Consider this, friend, when you seek your next answer to prayer! Consider this, in your next place of need and silence: This God, our God, is not limited like we are. What is a miracle to us is just God being himself.

As Job saw in the midst of great personal darkness:
And these are but the outer fringe of His works; how faint the whisper we hear of Him! Who then can understand the thunder of His power?

Note: Original article published on my Parkview page, here.

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