Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Postmodern football

This football rumination from a postmodern point of view was just too rich to pass up. Greg Easterbrook goes gonzo , stirred by Derrida's recent death.

[Ed. note: By all accounts, fair Derrida is now deconstructing. ;-) :-) lol! Sad, I know, but give me a charity laugh, lol.]

Football from a postmodern view [hat tip to Andrew Sullivan], or another title, 'Aren't you glad Derrida didn't play football?'

Coach: How could you throw that crazy pass? Didn't you see the safety?

Quarterback: I did see the safety, but then I thought, how do I know the safety really exists? My eyes perceive a safety and he seems to be covering the receiver, but this might only be from my frame of reference. Someone in the stands might perceive the safety to be covering another receiver, or no one at all. Who am I to say that my perception is correct and theirs is wrong? Then I thought, maybe the safety does exist! But the taboo against throwing into double coverage is just an oppressive ideology used by the dominant hegemony to maintain the imperialist power structure. So you see, I had to make the throw in order to liberate myself.


Good stuff!


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