Friday, February 03, 2006

Flash: Super Bowl XL to threaten environment

I just saw Ditka on ESPN.

It's serious folks! We're facing a national issue, here. Or, should I say, national tissue?

The real news on Sunday is not the game! No,'s far more serious.

Listen to these facts:

Did you realize that most people will wait till halftime to use the restroom on Sunday?

Yep, that's right. Experts estimate that 90 million people will simultaneously flush at halftime.

That's 7 times more water than flows over Niagara Falls every minute.

That's enough water to change the economy of dozens of developing countries.

Think of the environmental implications, please! Think of the infrastructure implications...the stress and strain on otherwise normal and functioning plumbing.

The course is clear. If you care about the world, call your aunts and uncles, call your friends and family, the people that care...and tell them not to flush at halftime! If you care, wait until the game is over to use the restroom!

Or, if you can't hold it that long, at least click on the picture above and watch a video that will make you feel better about it all, lol. And use a toilet tissue that will dissolve four times faster than leading brands!

And above all, have a great game...and cheer for Pittsburgh!


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