Sunday, February 26, 2006

A late happy birthday to an on-time girl

Happy B-Day: You go, girl!

I just received this pic of my sister-in-law Deborah, as she poses following a half-marathon, which she ran on her birthday -- in 26 degree weather, no less. Congratulations, Deborah! I'm impressed.

Of course, as I told her, running a half marathon is nothing compaired to the marathon she runs every day as the mother of three young boys. And, then, I caught myself: "No," I said, "Better make that four boys counting my brother, because you keep him in line, too!" And then honesty took over and I said, "Well, truly...make that four and a half boys, counting ME -- because you straighten me out when you are around me!" :-)

Truly a marathon woman, lol.

It is quite appropriate that she is born in the month of the great Presidents Washington and Lincoln, for she has those leadership skills.

Congrats, Deborah. And belated Happy Birthday!



my3sons said...

Thanks, Loy, for the kind words! Aahh, such heights I should aspire to!

All right now, enough blogging, go clean your room, call your mother, and call a girl!!! Need ideas? I have one! love you ;-)

known by some as
Li'l Gen'ral

Loy Mershimer said...

aawww, mom! The dog ate my homework, the sun was in my eyes, the river was flooded, the bridge was out, the car wouldn't start, the pencil wasn't sharpened, there was a monster under my bed, the game went into overtime, I had a sprained knee, I cleaned it last week, the washing machine vibrated too much, the vacuum sweeper makes too much noise, my friends get to stay out later, and it's not due until next week...






Love you, too, lol.


my3sons said...