Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The one who knows us best...

...loves us the most

Jesus didn't reply to the men, but rather stooped down
and began writing in the dust.
Some say He wrote the deepest sins of each man,
from oldest to youngest...
At this silent writing, their shouting ceased
and stones dropped from their hands.
Slowly they walked away, from oldest to youngest:
From shouting slogans of false justice,
so willing to sacrifice a desperate woman
on the altar of tradition,
to walking quietly away...
thus the Power of His silent act.

And He turned to her: "Woman, where are your accusers?"
"I see none, Lord..."
Yet her unspoken question hung between them,
like a leaden stone in her soul...
His next words took that weight away:
"Neither do I condemn you, go, and sin no more!"

The One who knows us best loves us most;
The only One who can condemn us chooses to forgive us,
and takes the stones from our hands and heart:
This is not justice, it is something Higher.
It is Him. His eyes tell us what our hearts cannot believe:
He has given us Himself instead of stones!
"Go, and live in Me!'

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PeacefulLady said...

His eyes tell us what our hearts cannot believe

I like this line the best... ~irene