Saturday, April 15, 2006

A song for Easter vigil

Resting from His work today

Resting from His work today
In the tomb the Savior lay;
Still He slept, from head to feet,
Shrouded in the winding sheet,
Lying in the rock alone,
Hidden by the sealed stone.

Late at even there was seen,
Watching long the Magdalene;
Early ere the break of day,
Sorrowful she took her way
To the holy garden glade,
Where her buried Lord was laid.

So with Thee, till life shall end,
I would solemn vigil spend,
Let me hew Thee, Lord, a shrine,
In this rocky heart of mine,
Where in pure embalmed cell,
None but Thee shall ever dwell.

Myrrh and spices will I bring,
True affection's offering;
Close the door from sight and sound,
Of the busy world around;
And in patient watch remain,
Till my Lord shall come again.

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