Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Would you recognize Hitler...

...if he came in your generation?

A question runs through my mind: How can we claim to be on the side of light in reference to past crimes, if we cannot delineate between good and evil on this day, this very day?

Look at this video, where a modern leader leads the masses in mesmerizing chants: Death to Israel! Death to America!

Look at this video, where a passionate speaker sways the minds of his followers with a revised history and call for blood.

Look at these videos and ask, "Was it any clearer during Hitler's time -- this call for Jewish destruction?" Or was it even muddier then, with the Holocaust denied until the camps were discovered by the Allies? Indeed, morality is easy in hindsight, and these calls for Jewish destruction are far clearer than Hitler's... or Stalin's... in the death of tens of millions of Jews.

We will not be judged for another time. Neither will easy moralisms against evil in another time absolve us from the guilt of our own time. We will be judged for today, for where we stood when darkness offered the price in our own terms.

Look at these videos, and evaluate where you stand!


Sad update: Meanwhile, Mike Wallace of CBS News calls Ahmadinegad smart, interesting and the same time referring to Israel as "that Zionist state." Unbelievable, yet real. Thus is evil enabled in our time. Hitler and Stalin had their charms, as does every mass murderer. Antichrist comes as a man of peace. Now we see just how such destroyers are feted, how they are excused: good called evil and evil good, on the basis of banalities, while millions of Jews, Christians and innocents die.


Anonymous said...

Would we recognize our Lord and Savior if he came today in the same manner as He came before ? Do we recognize the still small voice of God as it speaks today ? Or do we kick against the pricks ? Do we choose the path less trodden or the smooth and easy broad way ? Maybe our choices of yesterday make today's choices less monumental...
I enjoy your thoughts. I am glad they are deep enough to hurt sometimes and real enough to make a change.

Loy Mershimer said...

Or, maybe our choices of yesterday make today's choices even more monumental -- though they appear small.

It is in the grist of daily, seemingly mundane choices, that destiny comes. And it's not in seeing the "big picture," but in obedience to the immediate picture.

Abraham and Sarah had no idea of where the desert would lead, but they still crossed it, hot day by burning hot day, against all family comfort, without a roadmap, without the grand plan, and yet found the son of promise...

And, thank you for your words! High praise indeed, and I am grateful.

God bless,