Wednesday, September 06, 2006

He who loves, sees

The maxim is doubtful, that to know all is to forgive all, but it is an unshakeable truth that to forgive is to know.

He who loves, sees.

C. S. Lewis


John said...

Hi, Im from Melbourne Australia.
What has a cannon (an instrument of murder and mayhem) got to do with love or seeing the vulnerable humanity in each and every sentient being both human & non-human?????

Loy Mershimer said...

Hi John,

Forgiveness enables knowledge. Love sees.

There are layers to this picture which express precisely this -- it was not chosen by accident.

Love sees the vulnerable humanity, yet it also sees the destructive humanity. Which lover or husband loves more: the one who defends his loved one against the destructive, evil men who would do her harm; or the one who claims the evil man as a "sentient human brother" even as that evil man tries to destroy her safety, her innocence?

Love sees what is best for the loved. Love sees the loved at the point of need, the real person, the inner claim, the spirit call.

Love sees the point of battle and the place of healing...

In our fallen world, a cannon is potentially more than an instrument of "murder and mayhem" [as you put it]. A cannon can also be an instrument of protection, honor and valor.

Thus, a cannon, especially that cannon, can form a powerful metaphor of the sight of love. And the power of forgiveness which transcends battle.

The cannon is silent. It is surrounded by beauty, hallowed ground born in blood.

S/he who loves, sees.

Some say that love is blind. I beg to differ. The only love that is blind is love undertaken for selfishness or personal need. It is blind because it only sees self in the object loved.

Real love offers sight that sees to the inner nature of even the failings of the one loved. And then offers itself at that place of need: a sacrifice of self for the good of the loved -- transcendent sight, transcendent love.

And so, a cannon, especially that cannon, can tell that story very well...

Love sees.


Roger Patterson said...

Well said, Loy