Sunday, September 10, 2006

In memoriam of Peter Christian Fry

9/11 through the eyes of family faith

A man is best known in the eyes of his family,
best remembered in lingering deeds of loyalty and love,
best kept in the hearts of those who bear his heart.

So here, for Peter Christian Fry, taken out of time by terror
on that fateful September day, a tribute, a memoriam of faith
in the eyes of those he loved: his wife and daughters true.

God grant that the faith in these eyes be rewarded by knowledge,
in time, of life that endures without time: transcendent love --
life that bears his name and bears a part of eternity, in heart.

May it be said, when dark doubts rise, and questions threaten frame,
that love will live on and never leave: faith, the certainty of things unseen,
strength for life now, and beautiful hint of future yet to come! Amen.

This tribute is offered as a part of the 2996 Project, where the victims of 9/11 are remembered and blessed for their lives, that their memory will remain, more sure than the incessant reminders of their killers. Click here for a list of those memorialized by bloggers around the world...


Gail said...

Such a beautiful family.

Loy Mershimer said...

Truly! A beautiful family, and a terrible event...

Perhaps only hope can help the enduring pain they must face, the sudden emptiness, the lingering loss.

And for that hope we pray!