Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's as easy as closing your eyes II

Symmetry, poetry, destiny! Sometimes it's hard work being a child of God! :-) Why not kick back today, wherever you are, and catch a few rays of divine sunlight, and breathe deeply of wholesome ocean aire?

"Let the little children come unto Me," said He. "For of such is the kingdom of heaven." "Truly, unless ye become like one of these little children you will in no wise enter the kingdom of heaven."

Be a child today, and sense the kingdom of heaven near, your divine intent!


Randy said...

Hey, Loy. I enjoy stopping by now and then. Just a quick question (not an argument, if you can believe me!). What do you mean by "divine intent" -- the last line?
Probably very obvious and I am just missing it. But seems like something profound -- another reason why I might miss it!:)
We are blessed to have Stephen and Tammy on our campus. My youngest son, Elliot, REALLY enjoys his new friend, Seth.

loy said...

Hi Randy!

Note that [in that phrase] I said, "your divine intent."

This is the intent of God for the human individual before the world began, i.e. the true self.

As George MacDonald puts it: "God's eternal idea of a person." Or, "The thing the Maker thought of when He willed that human person, ere He began to work its being."

Please give Steve and Tammy and the family my warmest regards!


Randy said...

Thanks, Loy. I was trying to tie it in to the "kingdom of heaven" language, which I guess your explanation includes. I didn't know you were a MacDonald enthusiast. I've like him too, though am not as familiar as you are with him. Noticed Lewis' reference to him again when I was reading the intro. to "The Four Loves" the other day. I had done a study on GM in '86 so knew Lewis regarded him as his "master" etc., but saw it in print in the intro.
BTW, you'd be interested in the work of a friend of mine, Daniel Koehne. He did an outstanding MA projecton GM, complete with a professionally produced one man dramatic rendering of a compilation of GM.The link is on my sight -- He presented the Gospel of John here and was well received. I saw his GM rendering at Taylor last spring -- outstanding. You and he would have alot in common.