Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A life that proves truth, love, hope and redemption

A deeper look at faith and light

George MacDonald

But, friends, what we have to do is let our light shine. Do you get any light? Let it shine. I do not mean be an example to other people. You have no business to set yourselves up for an example; you have to be and to do, and that is letting the light shine. It ought not to be possible to mistake a Christian for a man of the world. His very dealings with every man that comes near him have something to show, something that Christ would have done that a man of the world would not do. Tell me how you would like Christ to come in upon you at any moment in the midst of your business talk. Would you be ready to turn to Him and say, “Master, this is how I am saying the thing to my friend; this is how I see it in the light of Thy love!”?

Would you be ready for that, or do you think that a great part of your being and your life can be conducted upon other laws than Christian? If a man does that, he is altogether wrong – altogether wrong. Christ is God, the all-in-all, or nothing at all. If we were as the bush – if every Christian were as the bush that burned with fire – that would be the shining our light before men. Atheism would soon vanish; unbelief would draw in its horns; reproved, judged, condemned by the very presence of faith.

I would have you, then, friends, remember that faith is the trying of the thing that you do not see, and that you cannot be sure about, a thing that you do not see and which, not seeing, you have doubt about, you can yet try – that is faith; and if you are honest, that will be a great opportunity and a great help to you; it will start a fresh faith which you have not thought of before, and give your life a new start. Faith is intended to put to the test the unseen world of truth, love, law, hope, redemption. God grant us all faith enough to carry on from point to point till the faith shall vanish into light…



Anonymous said...

I liked this ... food for thought.

loy said...

MacDonald has a way of providing food for thought, doesn't he? His life was deeper by far than most -- a brilliant star, his! His passion for God, for true self, was light years beyond average... and I thank God for the light of Christ through him, very often.

So glad you liked it too. More to come, lol.