Monday, June 04, 2007

June glory and majesty

Here is tonight's light on a hill -- surreal color in the gloaming, lightning in the air. As I snapped this, storms moved in from my right and directly behind me, carrying rain and streaks of lightning... but this light on the hill was so singular that I just had to photograph it. It is a kind of 'suspended light' -- light conveying a sense of waiting, only for a few minutes, then gone in the darkening storm. I made it back inside my truck just in time for a nice bolt of lightning to hit nearby, and had to smile and say, "Thank you!" :-)


Anonymous said...

You're Welcome!

Loy said...

Pause... Is that you, Lord? If so, anything else you want to tell me -- please do so! I'm listening!


Allen Patterson said...

Awesome picture, Loy! Great Praise to our Lord!!

Loy said...

Thanks, AP! :-)

And indeed, praise to God who paints all things well...!