Friday, June 22, 2007

Thy providence my guard

Lord, be thy word my rule

Words: C. Wordsworth, 1872
Tune: Quam dilecta

Lord, be thy word my rule;
in it may I rejoice;
thy glory be my aim,
thy holy will my choice;

Thy promises my hope;
thy providence my guard;
thine arm my strong support;
thyself my great reward!


p.s. a prayer I ask this coming week, for all who read here with benefit... please lift me up for safety to and from youth camp, and for clarity of mind and heart during the camp! God bless you and thank you!


teleia philia said...

Loy, I haven't heard this hymn in ages! Thank you so much for the wonderful memory of this song! I will keep you in my prayers this week while you are at camp.

Loy said...

Thank you so much! I deeply appreciate it...

Many thanks and returned blessings!