Thursday, August 23, 2007

An August glimpse of God's handwriting

The colors of the sky were in pastel tonight, and the twilight clouds painted mystic signs on the pale blue canvas... hopeful portent here unfurled above flowering field and darkening trees: awesome, August beauty!


Jordyne said...

my favorite part is always your comments. i like the description. they make you take a second look.

sorry i havent commented lately, i just started school again and am crazy with it!

Randy Huff said...

Marevlous, Loy. Thanks.

Randy Huff said...

Well, I used to be able to spell. You wrote so well that I was left fubmlngi, or something like that! :)
It really was marvelous, though!

Loy said...

Hi Jordyne,

Nice to hear from you and I hope you are doing well... all mended and ready to go for studies! :-)

And re taking a second look: that's awesome that you take a second look... we humans usually need to take a second [or third!] look to really see true substance.

And Randy, lol... not sure what that condition is you describe, but I think i've had it a time or two, lol!