Saturday, November 03, 2007

The power in the hem of His garment

As many as touched Him were made whole.

Mark 6:56, KJV

Just His touch…

Many of us try to have a regular quiet time. As we do so, may each of us touch at least the hem of His garment and receive wholeness in the matter for which we seek Him.

One knows when this has occurred. It is a day when something happens that is different from just reading our Bible or devotional book, or even just praying and asking for the thing.

We touch Him, and all is changed.

What happens? And who can tell how it happens?

We only know that something has passed from Him to us:

  • Courage to do the difficult task we feared.
  • Patience to bear with that one particular trying person.
  • Inner strength to go on when we were sure we could not.
  • A sweet freshness in our spirit, inner contentment, deep flowing peace.

God’s way of passing by, of letting His hem come near us, is to take some single word in His Book and make it breathe spirit and life to us. Then, relying upon that word – meditating, feeding our soul upon it – we find it is suddenly possible to go from strength to strength.

True, there is always some new, even daily challenge in our lives which calls for revitalized faith. And we can choose to go on with God. But He always passes by. There is always the word waiting in His Book, which will meet us where we are and carry us further on. True, it will be a fight to the end – Paul calls it the “good fight of faith” [1 Timothy 6:12]. But full provision is made for victory in that fight.

And so, whether the struggle that engages us has to do with our inner life, or our outward circumstances, there is nothing to fear: “For your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom” [Luke 12:32].

We need never, and by His grace shall never, be defeated!



My Father, I believe I see it now. I always want you to do something for me [or at least to clear the way, so I can do it for myself]. And you want to do something in me.

Now I see that you want to come with your word and your powerful Spirit, and splice them together with my words and spirit.

I have wanted answers. You want us to become one… Thank you, for your unending patience with me.


Amy Carmichael, Thou Givest – They Gather, 4-5.


Kimberly said...

Really good...also great Brunner quote!

Loy said...

Thanks, Kimberly!