Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Christmas scene...

Can anyone guess my noble contribution to the decorations? :-)

Every angle of mom's place is filled with Christmas goodness. Here's another angle, closeup, of the same scene... just click to enlarge. Enjoy!

p.s. Even the inside of the church is lit... as if to say, Merry Christmas! :-)


Allen Patterson said...

Nice Christmasy antlers there, bro. Now that's a true country Christmas!

Loy said...

Yep! emphasis on the true, lol.


Deering said...

Is that an 8 pointer? Did you get him?

Hey, FYI - I've got a new blog going with a good friend of mine. Not sure if I'll keep we'll see. The new blog is

I continue to enjoy reading your posts. I put your blog on our new blogroll.

Loy said...

Hi Deering,

Yep! That 8 point was last year's buck... :-)

Also, on your new blog: Linked!

Thanks for the shout out and God bless!


allen patterson said...

Well now, ain't that a sight! And all this time I was thinking that was an old six-point. I had to enlarge the pic to find the other two points. Good eyes, there, deering!

Deering said...

If I had such good eyes, why'd I only get a button buck this year? Must have been Providence. :)

Loy said...

Both you boys need to hush up and start huntin', lol.

Deering only gets a button buck and AP can only see six points -- yep, shut off the computer, boys, and head to the woods!