Saturday, January 12, 2008

A fishing light at twilight

It was almost dark when I took this picture, but the water area was lit by gas-generated fishing lights... several fishermen went together and lit this little backwater of the Kissimmee River [must be really good fishing! :-)], so I took advantage of the background light over the water and snapped a shot -- the contrast in dusk, darkness, clouds and local light was very neat. Notice the darkness of the palm bush in the foreground -- that's as dark as it was without the fishing lights!


Allen Patterson said...

Wow! I gotta get me one of those cameras!! What a great shot!!

Allen Patterson said...

Hey - look at the time stamp - I commented before you even posted... LOL

Loy said...

Hey AP,

Now... when you are good you are good, lol... you can comment even before I post -- that's GOOD!


And, thanks for the props! The camera works just fine... the operator is challenged sometimes, but hey! good stuff still happens, lol.