Monday, January 14, 2008

Lemony Pickit -- A series of unfortunate events!

Easter egg model picks the wrong moment!

Sometimes you just have to smile... a recent Thornham Walks Easter add was jettisoned because the picture accidentally featured a girl picking her nose. Here's the account:

A council's attempt to promote a tourist attraction has been undermined by an unfortunate picture, say critics.

A leaflet extolling the elysian beauties of Thornham Walks - a 12-mile footpath network in Suffolk - has a picture of a young girl picking her nose.

Andrew Stringer, a Green councillor, says that "it does not represent our youth in the best light" and wants the "amateurish" pamphlet to be withdrawn.

A Mid Suffolk District Council spokesman admitted: "It's not the best photograph," but added: "They wanted a real picture, not a typical staged one. It's a real picture and shows children in their Easter outfits."

Here we have a series of unfortunate events:

  • The girl just happens to pick at the exact moment of the pic
  • The advertisers just happened to pick that exact pic for their feature
  • The picked pic just happened to make it past the editors
  • Now, the picked pic just happens to be re-picked for non-publication.

O what a series of unfortunate events! Lemony Pickit!

Evidently some people can't appreciate a girl just looking for a special Easter egg! :-)

This post is in honor of those who can appreciate such humor, lol. Beauty in the simple things, I say!

grin. Smile!



Elizabeth said...

haha. thats cute. i guess being a teacher (almost) you just get used to that sort of thing :P
How's life in FL? Hope all is well!

Loy said...

Hi Liz!

Life in FL is great... it's a neat place and lots of ministry and meaning. :-)

And... glad you are used to that sort of thing, lol -- and can still see humor in the little things of life!

Great to hear from you and God bless!

p.s. I think the ad is way better with that little girl in it... i think it would attract more people because it's a real pose in real life -- way better than just another slickly packaged promo! imo, that is, lol.

Happy January! said...

you are crazy! love you anyway.

Loy said...

I may be crazy but I'm never bored! :-)