Thursday, April 17, 2008

Greatest line of the day

Imagine James Dobson in Birkenstock's & a ponytail

David Kopel looks at BHO and HRC trying to woo gun owners, and riffs on the irony:

Imagine an election race of Pat Robertson versus James Dobson, each of them appearing at organic grocery stores and Starbucks throughout Massachusetts, with each candidate insisting that he alone deserves the vote of gay-marriage advocates. An equally silly spectacle is taking place these days in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana, West Virginia and Kentucky, as Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama compete for the pro-gun vote.

Read it all, it's rich.

Don't miss the detailing of Obama's seamless anti-gun record compared to his current words -- and this is just one subject! The same disingenuous disconnect exists on so many levels and issues... it's pretty astonishing, the chasm between words and actions, even for a postmodern politician. One Hillary voter put it this way: "Hillary may tell lies but Obama is a living lie."

Interesting. Yo'Bama git yer gun! :-)



Cheryl said...

As long as I was writing the other stuff, I thought I'd ask something about this one. You mention Hillary and O'bama, what do you think about John McCain and this issue? Thanks.

Loy Mershimer said...

I'd trust McCain with the 2nd Amendment far more than I'd trust Obama, and significantly more than I'd trust Hillary, even though Hillary would be a bit better than Obama on this issue.

Obama will literally say anything to get elected. He's a smooth talking face of Chicago politics: say whatever you have to say to the opposition themes, then pay your base once you get elected. And his track record on guns is simply this: he hates them. He does not support the 2nd Amendment as giving the right for citizens to own handguns. Every time he's had a chance to ban them, he's done so.

And this despite overwhelming evidence that an armed citizenry [right to carry] lowers crime every time. And it's not even close...

So the issue is not the protection of citizenry or the 2nd Amendment, but rather something else... and that something else is pretty scary, imo.

God bless!


An excerpt from an article by Bob Owens, "Obama doesn't want you to defend yourself."

The semi-automatic firearms Barack Obama would like to see banned include rifles and shotguns commonly used for defense, hunting, and many forms of target shooting [ed. note: not just handguns]. This counters his campaign web site, where Obama claims to respect the Second Amendment. Cleverly worded as befitting a lawyer, Obama’s one-paragraph statement says he respects the rights of hunters. The right of using a firearm in self-defense or the defense of others appears nowhere in his statement.

Obama’s recent remarks against the rights of citizens in states allowing concealed carry are hardly surprising. There are presently 39 states that have “shall issue” concealed carry provisions and nine more that have “may issue” laws. Obama’s home state of Illinois is but one of two states in the nation — the other being Wisconsin — that refuse to allow their citizens to apply for a concealed carry license.

The justification for his dismissal of concealed carry rights — “I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could [get shot during] altercations” — has long been debunked by scientific data, and is based solely on feelings, not logic.

A liberal Democrat, criminologist Garry Kleck set out to prove that the ownership of firearms didn’t decrease crime. In 1993 he published Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America, which stated that Americans used guns for self-defense against criminals as often as 2.5 million times a year — 6,850 times a day. Of those uses, the mere presence of a firearm ended the threat of criminal activity.

John Lott’s More Guns, Less Crime studied data compiled from every U.S. county from 1977 to 1994, and concluded that states with “shall issue” concealed carry laws — “shall issue” meaning that governments must issue a permit unless a citizen is disqualified, versus “may issue” states where citizens have to justify why they would need a permit, and “no issue” states where concealed carry is never an option — and discovered that violent crimes steadily decrease in states where citizens are allowed to carry concealed weapons.