Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Prayers for the 9th day

In the morning

Give me this day, O God,
  • The energy I need to face my work;
  • The diligence I need to do it well;
  • The self-discipline, which will make me work just as hard, even if there is none to see, and none to praise, and none to blame;
  • The self-respect which will not stoop to produce anything which is less than my best;
  • The courtesy and considerateness, which will make me easy to live with and easy to work with.

Help me to so live today that I may make this world a happier place wherever I may be: through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

In the Evening

Give me this night, O Father, the peace of mind which is truly rest.

Take from me
  • All envy of anyone else;
  • All resentment for anything which has been withheld from me;
  • All bitterness against anyone who has hurt me or wronged me;
  • All anger against the apparent injustice of life;
  • All foolish worry about the future, and all futile regret about the past.

Help me to be
  • At peace with myself;
  • At peace with my fellowmen;
  • At peace with you.

So indeed may I lay myself down to rest in peace: through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.



Tim LeBaron said...

Hi Loy,

Thanks for the coments. I hope you are doing well. I'll have to look your brother up. How about his email?

Loy said...

Howdy Tim!

Email me and I'll send you Layne's email -- I don't like to put emails on the web since a friend told me about the crawlers that pick up email addresses and spam them.

My email is my name [at], btw.