Monday, May 12, 2008

A rock star pastor

Ladies and gentlemen... turn the sound up and hang on for the ride [persist through the boring part], lol. Some pastors will stop at nothing! And my brother Layne, my my! how misguided is he? he gets out of the small town and now he's been tricked into rapping for those big city churches! grin. He does look good in furs and bling, though, lol. And he can sing a bit! I like him better than the original... enjoy!

Subtitles for this post:

  • My brother the rap star!
  • "Oh, how the mighty have fallen!"
  • Southern Bible Churches will stop at nothing!

Please submit your idea for the post title. Top two titles get included in this post and will finish in the money: My brother will buy you the reward with his royalty money, lol.


Jamie said...

That is hysterical!

Miss Sherri said...

Mr. Loy,
How quickly to forgit! I be carefull if I was you...pickin on your kin like that!!! What would that kind brother of yours think of you at "The Bryants"? There are pictures...maybe a video...who nose? So be don't wanna go lookin for you kin and find 'em all "rank strangers" to you.
Miss Sherri