Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Presumption? I can only widen my assertion

The potent outshining of sons

“For the earnest expectation of the creation waiteth for the revealing [the outshining] of the sons of God.”

When the sons of God show as they are, taking, with the character, the appearance and place that belong to their sonship, when the sons of God sit with the Son of God on the throne of their Father, then shall they be in potency of fact the lords of the lower creation, the bestowers of liberty and peace upon it. Then shall the creation, subjected to vanity for their sakes, find its freedom in their freedom, its gladness in their sonship. The animals will glory to serve them, will joy to come to them for help.

Let the heartless scoff, the unjust despise! The heart that cries Abba, Father, cries to the God of the sparrow and the oxen. Nor can hope go too far in hoping what that God will do for the creation that now groans and travails in pain because our higher birth is delayed. Shall not the judge of all the earth do right? Shall my heart be more compassionate than His?

If to any reader my interpretation be unsatisfactory, I pray him not to spend his strength in disputing my faith but in making sure of his own progress on the way to freedom and sonship.

Only to the child of God is true judgment possible. Were it otherwise, what would it avail to prove this one or that right or wrong? Right opinion on questions the most momentous will deliver no man. Cure for any ill in me or about me there is none but to become the son of God I was born to be. Until such I am, until Christ is born in me, until I am revealed a son of God, pain and trouble will endure – and God grant they may!

Call this presumption, and I can only widen my assertion – until you yourself are the son of God you were born to be, you will never find the good life intended. If I presume for myself, I presume for you also.

But I do not presume. Thus has Jesus Christ represented God – as a Father perfect in love, grand in self-forgetfulness, supreme in righteousness, devoted to the lives He has uttered. I will not believe less of the Father that I can see in the face of the Son. He is the express image of the Father, by which we, His imperfect images, are to read and understand Him…


George MacDonald, Unspoken Sermons, "Abba, Father!"

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