Monday, February 01, 2010

A quote for the day: the ominous state of our nation

Actually, three quotes:

Rahm Emanuel, Obama's hand-picked chief of staff:

"A crisis is a terrible thing to waste."

John F. Cogan, Stanford enconomist:

"We are presently in a dangerously risky economic environment, more risky than any in memory, and that includes the 1970s..."

Hal Lewis, professor of Physics at UC Santa Barbara:

There are only two credible explanations for the Obama administration's fiscal policy -- to the extent that one can infer it from actions, not words. One is that the American educational system has been failing for decades, and we are now paying the price. The focus on jobs per se, rather than jobs that restore the country's productivity, can only lead to runaway inflation by pouring fruitless money into the economy. Might as well just print money and give people gifts. The road to durable recovery must be paved with a serious effort to restore productivity to the economy, not to redistribute what wealth we have left. It is not jobs that we need, it is productive jobs. Is it possible that the Administration powers-that-be don't know this?

A blacker possibility is that they do know it, and are looking forward to a complete economic collapse, for political reasons I dare not discuss. As one of them said, a crisis enables you to do things of which you would otherwise be incapable.


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